Program of trip to Cambodia from Bangkok

The first day

Thai-Cambodian border

Land border crossing between Thailand to Cambodia.

Leaving the hotel at 5.00 (for breakfast we will stop on the way). Crossing the land border between Thailand to Cambodia is an attraction in itself.


Flight from Bangkok to Siem Reap

Departure from your hotel in Bangkok at 7.00 after breakfast. The flight between Thailand and Cambodia is a journey into a different time and dimension.

Tonle Sap Lake

Floating villages on Tonle Sap Lake

Unusual lake located in the center of Cambodia. Its flow changes direction twice a year, and the part that creates the lake enlarges and shrinks dramatically with the seasons, causing very large seasonal differences in water levels. Most of the inhabitants around the Great Lake adapted to life creating the so-called „floating villages”

Visiting the city of Siem Reap

Siem Reap city tour

While visiting Siem Reap, we will hear the mantras of Buddhist monks in the oldest temple of the city of Wat Bo, visit the Independence Monument and see the giant bats living in the Royal Gardens in the very center of the city.

Sunset over the ancient temples

One of the oldest temples Phnom Bakheng

Sunset over the ruins of one of the oldest temples Phnom Bakheng can be really beautiful depending on the weather. From the temple itself, standing over a steep rocky cliff and an example of love for symmetry and harmony, you have a wonderful view of Angkor Wat.

Aspara dance show

A show of Khmer classical dance

We will have dinner during Khmer Apsara’s classical dance show. Classic myths or religious stories are told through gestures. Costumes are handmade and unchanged for ages.

Siem Reap by night

Visiting Street Pub, shopping, free time

A small but very lively place. Center around the Old French Quarter and Old Market in a charming colonial and Chinese style. Free time, visiting Street Pub, shopping.

Day two

Angkor Wat

Angkor Wat heart and soul of Cambodia

A temple that is the heart and soul of Cambodia. The epicenter of the Khmer civilization. The largest religious structure in the world and one of the most inspiring buildings ever created by people. We will experience the sunrise over this magnificent temple. We will see beautiful bas-reliefs – a prayer contained in the stone.


Mesmerizing towers of Bayon

54 gothic towers of the Bayon temple decorated with giant, smiling faces personify the creative genius and the inflated egos of the king Mihalavarman VII. The surrealist temple where 216 stone faces look at pilgrims, declaring spiritual and royal authorities.

Ta Prohm

Tha Prohm known from film Tomb Rider

Unlike other temples, this one still swallowed by jungles looks like when the European explorers appeared here. This is where the famous shots for Tomb Rider with Angelina Jolie were filmed. We will see the famous tree choking stones with a bough.

Killing Fields

The history of Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge

We will visit the temples of genocide at the Wat Thmei monastery (killing fields). We will get to know the saddest period in the history of Cambodia – the time of the Pol Pot and Red Khmer dictatorships.

Terrace of The Elephants

350-meter Terrace of Elephants, a place for public celebrations

Terrace of The Elephants był wykorzystywany jako olbrzymia przestrzeń do oglądania publicznych uroczystości i służył jako baza dla wielkiej hali widowiskowej króla, w której odbywały się barwne parady z udziałem kawalerii, wozów konnych i oczywiście słoni.

Terrace of The Leper King

Sculptures Terrace of The Leper King

A platform on which a naked, asexual statue stands – another mystery of Angkor. On the south side of the building, there is a hidden terrace with beautifully preserved sculptures. One of the more likely theories is that it was the site of the cremation of kings.

Return to the hotel in Bangkok around 23.30


Highly recommended to stay for an additional night with a farewell dinner and return next day in the morning.

We only offer private tours to Cambodia: prices from THB 14,500

The price of a two-day program includes:

  • two days of trips with a guide as described above (all planned trips, entry tickets included in the price of excursions)
  • accommodation in a charming hotel with a swimming pool and WiFi
  • breakfasts at the hotel, lunches and dinners at local restaurants
  • visa fee
  • VIP pass in Cambodia (border crossing outside the queue)
  • return transfers from/to Bangkok
  • Angkor tickets and all other tickets
  • care of a guide in Cambodia

What to bring with you

  • a set of clothes for a change
  • comfortable, breathable footwear
  • appropriate sun protection (cream, glasses, cap or umbrella)
  • local shopping money • camera • passport, insurance policy
  • possibly, but not necessarily, for a disguise t-shirt – in case of sweating or soaking, so as not to sit in wet clothes while driving an air-conditioned vehicle

Dress for temples

A proper dress is obligatory for all the temples – ie clothing covering thighs, arms and with a small cleavage. Women should have knees covered. Due to the open space, we highly recommend that you take an umbrella or cover over your head to protect yourself from overheating.